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Bunjae (盆栽)

Bunjae  l  Bonsai


Bun (盆) in Chinese means the act of putting something in a pot or bowl, and Jae (栽) means the act of cultivating or young seedlings.


Bonsai is a piece of art that has been painstakingly crafted over a long period of time to recreate the beauty of an old tree. Bonsai is recognized as a sensitive art that you can feel the principles of nature.


Bonsai, which is said to show beauty as much as it is devoted 

to it, allows you to enjoy the great beauty of nature in a

small space, and has a charm that fits well with

the modern living environment.

Bonsai is a small nature and connection point that adds freshness

and comfort to modern people who live separately from nature.


Sunyouwon's Products

This is Sunyouwon's Korean bonsai currently available.

It is not possible to purchase products online, so please call us for any questions. (031-966-2228)


Pine trees

Bonsai trees that can admire green leaves that do not change throughout the year include pine, ginseng, yew, and juniper.


Beautiful leaves

Bonsai for appreciating the leaves include maple, arrowroot, elm, and ginkgo.


Blooming bonsai

As bonsai for admiring flowers, there are plum, azalea, myongja, lily-of-the-valley, and lilac.


Beautiful fruit with

Bonsai trees where you can appreciate the fruits include baby apples, pomegranates, quince trees, wolfberry trees, and red rosewood.

You can visit 'Sunyouwon' to purchase bonsai and more information.

[246, Wondang-ro 392beon-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea]

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